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The Type Righter MP3

The Type Righter: A futuristic Sci-Fi thriller that takes place in the new heaven and new earth. The type righter mysteriously sends his story to you through time travel hoping you will listen. Will you heed the warnings revealed to you through an encrypted cipher? Take an adventure into a futuristic world that fills the imagination.

 The Type Righter By Rev. Dr. K Helms                                 (c)2016 Robotmom Publishing

The Type Righter By Rev. Dr. K Helms                                 (c)2016 Robotmom Publishing

The type righter


Robotmom Publishing is very proud to present: The Type Righter by Rev. Dr. K. Helms. The author's first novella gives you 4.9 hours of fantasy listening creating a story of intrigue and imagination. Dr. K. wrote The Type Righter to tell the end of a saga giving her the opportunity to develop the back stories of each character as sequels to The Type Righter. She is currently working on her second novella called The Lost Colony as the back story to the character Dr. Rebekah Muse. With intentional metaphor weaved into the story line, the author challenges the reader to figure out who the type righter character truly is. A delightful read for Sci-Fi lovers!