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Kathryn Helms

What inspires you? Where in your life might you re-imagine it differently? How does creativity feed your soul? Asking these questions and answering them for myself is how Robotmom publishing breathes into life. When the implementation of all these elements come together and the end result is pure joy, I know I am doing the right thing! My footing is sure and confident although this is all new territory!

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of listening to my gut and being authentically true to myself! Don't get me wrong, this raw delight is not a constant across my lifespan but is malleable and consistently changes over time,that is, digging into that part of myself that life has crusted over and hidden deep in there somewhere. This is what writing is for me. It is a forgotten talent that my adulthood and its responsibilities has shadowed and clouded, locked away inside of me somewhere and forgotten.

Until I decided to go back to school. Education "wiped my glasses" of the fog of conformity to see more clearly this buried treasure inside of myself and Robotmom Publishing was born. The skills I had acquired over the years were meant to serve a present purpose. The thought entered my mind to own my own business.

My mind is full of creativity running around like a child inside of me trying to find a way out. I look forward to the journey with you! My hope is that Robotmom Publishing will serve you and your children genuinely and help you experience and develop the fullness of each precious moment. Robotmom Publishing hopes to inspire you, help you re-imagine what is possible and create intimate moments of learning with your child. Hold on tight. Here we go!!